Designer profile

Chiara Furlan, born in San Dona in 1989, has always had a fascination with fashion. The first experience was that of being a model for a famous American brand, for who she worked for in London, in 2009.

Shortly afterwards, boldly setting up a business in the form of shop “Blanche”, in a well-known holiday resort not far from Venice.

Blanche, a highly selective vintage clothing shop, in a relative short period of time has created a certain amount of notoriety, to a point where it has been inserted into a shoppers guide “Italia Straordinaria” dedicated to all of which great Italian cities have become distinct for the world over, originality and the spirit of innovation.

This experience has given the designer the possibility to grow, both on a personal and professional level, rediscovering the innate will to improve and change, to point where “Blanche” has been renovated and earning a reputation as a reference point for unusual, eye-catching fashion. 

At the beginning of 2014, the creative  passion to make Chiara Furlan Venezia an emerging brand, resulted in the first collection to be introduced to the public, receiving  numerous comments and feedback from the fashion world including bloggers and celebrities, moreover, all being extremely positive.

The source of inspiration comes from designers past and present, mixing tradition with innovation,  dynamism and a determination to modernise the public’s way of thinking.

Being a graduate in Economics and business and with a master’s degree in Global development and entrepreneurship, has helped Chiara to have a vision which not only considers the creative and stylistic profile but also that of commercial management and entrepreneurialism.